Mirror Gate Chronicles

 My stories are available on Kindle.  We are working on getting them there for paperback, until then, you can email me at and I can drop ship them. storiesbytjboyer@yahoo.com 


I will be at the Tucson Book event in March 2018, and Then at the Phoenix Comicon Labor day weekend 2018.  When I get the table number I will post them so people can stop by and say hi.  The latest book of the Mirror Gate Chronicles  "Vanished", is out and on Kindle.  we are working on the next three books and hoping at least two of them will be ready by March 2018.  Book eight is titled Nakobee, and book Nine is Nogar the Golden Dragon. I am also putting out a book of short stories that are not like the Mirror Gate but more like drama.  murder mysteries.  Have a great day.