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"The Journey"


Shaméd walked to the door with everyone following him. Lila and Zale were laughing out loud. The two guards were looking at them trying to figure out what was so funny.

<“Alone? Why do you want to be alone? I will always be here to keep you from being alone.”>.

<“This is funny lad. Now you will be listening to this thing talking to you all the time.”>

<“Who are you? Why are you talking to Shaméd? Shaméd, is there another dragon that talks with you?”>

<“Yes, Demahs, there is another dragon that talks with me. However Reklan is not a dragon. He is a Dwarf, and he is very far away.”>

<“Dwarf. I have picture memories of them. My parents must have seen them. They are dirty little people right?”>

<“Dirty little people? Why you little speck of dragon dung, when I see you, I will show you dirty.”>

<“Stop it right now. Demahs, Reklan is a friend and he is very old and smart. You will see him soon, and I want the both of you to not fight inside my head.”>

<“Ok I won’t talk to him unless you want me to.”>

<“I won’t talk to that creature unless I must.”>

Shaméd was laughing as they walked down the street. Lila saw him laughing. She reached over and touched Zale’s arm.

“Can you tell if he is talking with the dragonet?”

“He is not only talking with the dragonet, but with Reklan. It seems neither one likes the other. They are arguing inside his head.”

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