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Prologue: Moving the World Rednog: The two stood on top of the sheer cliffs on a desolate world. They had only just arrived to put the final touch to their experiment. They were the last two intelligent beings alive on this world. All the others had gone. The entity that lived inside the world was gone as well. It moved itself a hundred years earlier. Leaving was the only way for it to survive. The two were the ones who were going to save this world, or die trying. The tall man was dressed in brown leather, his long red hair hung back across his shoulders. He looked out across the landscape, a panorama void of life. All he could see was dirt and dust particles thickening, causing the air to be dense brown, blocking out the light from the suns. The planet???s ice caps melted long ago, flooding the land, followed by the water evaporating from the heat of the suns. That was why they were there now. One of the suns was changing. It was about to go nova, and there was a seventy-five percent chance it would take the other two suns with it. The two were the only chance this world had. They were the only beings alive that could wield the power needed. The redhead was really a dragon, millions of years old. He had died thousands of years earlier and his life force placed inside crystals mounted atop a staff. Then he was reborn, or cloned would be the more appropriate word, into another dragon. The younger man and a female dragon had taken DNA from his carcass and created a new body for him. They placed his life force inside the new dragon, bringing him back to life. The other person on the planet was the young man. He was also dressed in leather. His leather was a yellow gold color - it was dragon skin. The dragon skin was from the redheaded man???s old dragon body. Whenever the young man left his world, he normally would have a satchel, sword, robe, utility belt, and knife. Today, all he had was his utility belt and knife. He appeared to be only thirty years old; however, there were several factors to consider when deciding his true age. One: most of his training was in the time room on the world they were getting ready to move; two: was the fact that he was half-human and the other half was an unknown species. His true age was around five thousand years old. Their names were Rednogording the Red Dragon, the first king of all dragons. The other was Shaméd, who was a wizard, taught by Nogar the Golden Dragon, the current king of all dragons. Rednogording considered the dying world with its windswept landscape. There was nothing left alive at all. They had created this small portion of breathable atmosphere just for the two of them. They had to wait for just the right moment, just the right time. Moving one world and placing another in its location was something no living being had ever done before. Red turned to look at Shaméd standing a few feet from him. He smiled. ???I really love this world. It has given me many memories. I want you to know, Shaméd, that I am glad to have met you. You helped me return to the real world and meet my son, Nogar. I knew that two-legged creatures were different. You, and others like you, have proven that many times. We know moving the world worked, and those that left are returning. I almost wish we had looked to see if we had returned, as well. I told you I was coming here to die, but now I do not think I want that. I would like to live, to watch what happens to the others. It does not matter, though, for soon we will know if we survive.??? Shaméd looked through the dust-filled air. ???I am glad to have been of service to you, Lord Rednogording. You have taught me more than anyone could, even if I had lived a million years. This world is almost out of breathable air. If we are going to save it, we should do so now.??? ???You are correct. You know the words and everything is in place. All we have to do is be the conduit.??? Red looked at Shaméd, nodding his head as they both moved to their assigned places. The staff of Rednogording that had held his life force for so many thousands of years was now rammed two feet into the ground at the center of four metal rods. Three hundred years earlier, they created these rods. Then they drove them three miles into the planet, leaving only five feet of the metal exposed. Standing next to the rods, the two reached out, and they each grabbed hold of a metal rod facing the staff. They began reciting words. The crystals in the staff began glowing, their eyes glazed over as they said the words, and soon their vision was gone and they could see nothing. The ground began to shake and the wind began blowing to hurricane level. It was only the beginning of the tempest. They knew they must not stop reciting the words or let go of the metal rods. Shaméd???s body jerked side to side; the wind shrieked and the ground began quaking under their feet making it difficult to stand. It was working! Now was the time to act! This was the tricky part. A blast of wind and dust caused him to become off-balance. He felt his hands ripped from the rods. He opened his eyes to see they both had lost their grip on the metal rods, and they both were floating in the air. The crystals in the staff were almost as bright as the sun above them. Suddenly, one of the crystals exploded abruptly! The staff shot into the air. Shaméd felt a great pressure on his chest, as well as his mind. A piece of the crystal struck him in the head. Disorientated from the blow and losing his concentration, he slowly floated away from the circle. The spell was completed, but for him to survive he had to stay within it. He tried to concentrate on a spell that would pull him back in. Red was waving his arms. It looked like he was calling out. Whatever he was saying was lost in the cyclone of dust and wind, as he was tossed through the air, spinning further and further away. Shaméd looked up and saw the vortex swelling above the planet. Soon it would engulf the planet and transport it to a new location. He knew he was lost. Then all sight and sound were gone, there was only blackness.

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