Mirror Gate Chronicles


Quotes I purchased the 1st book( while at the Phoenix ComicCon), The Quest, and could not put it down until I finished (3 am) the book. I cannot reember when I have read such an exciting book. Yes, I have bought the 2nd book, the Journey and can hardly wait until I can read it. A must read. Thanks Mr. Boyer Quotes
Great Book

Quotes I always knew your sense of adventure and humor would take you far...just didn't know how far...or far out! I love the books, Tim, and can't wait til they make movie status! Quotes

Quotes Great story that really draws you in! Can't wait for more of the story! Quotes
Jim Sullivan
Avid reader

Quotes I can't wait till the Movie rights are done. Quotes
O'Nean Donly
Undiscovered Angel