Mirror Gate Chronicles

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The Quest Book 1


Nogar the golden dragon rescues Shaméd after his family is murdered. Nogar takes him home to his world where Shaméd encounters trolls, elves, dragons and other beings all living in peace. He begins a training ritual and after many years, he advances to the best swordsman, and masters the first ten levels of magic. Shaméd begins helping others from this world as they travel to other worlds searching for lost knowledge and looking for what Nogar calls the “ONE”.

After arriving on this new world he encounters a glitch in the system; therefore, he decides to change the rules. Acquiring new friends, he continues his mission to find the information he is after, and embarks on a new one - one to save the people of the world. They are under attack by an evil force that is secretly trying to take control of them and make them slaves.

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