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The War Book 4


The General called out; he had a smile on his face. Those close to

him were scared when they saw it.

“All archers move forward and fire at those two until they drop.”

The archers moved out front of the others. They lined up and soon the

sky was filled with arrows. The sky grew dark as the arrows arched

closer, blocking out the sun over Smash and Cuchulainn.

Cuchulainn stood there with Smash who was shuffling his feet. He

wanted to run. He did not want to die here. His father had told him he

had proven he was a man. When he was home, his father told the clan

he was heir to his father’s throne. He had waited a long time for his

father’s approval. He was in pain and did not want to do this anymore.

But he did not want Cuchulainn or the others to think him a coward. He

looked around for something to help stop the arrows. Cuchulainn raised

his arm up toward the arrows.

“Smash, get behind me and stay close”

Cuchulainn’s shield began to grow slowly larger, spreading out covering

him and Smash just as the arrows rained down and around them.

"Read both The Quest and The Journey. Couldn't put down either one

and I am impatiently waiting for the rest. Thanks Tim for your



" I purchased the 1st book (while at the Phoenix ComicCon), The Quest,

and could not put it down until I finished (3 am) the book. I cannot

remember when I have read such an exciting book. Yes, I have bought

the 2nd book, the Journey and can hardly wait until I can read it. A

must read. Thanks Mr. Boyer" Stormie

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