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"The Flight of the Night Bird"


THis is a steam punk story set in the south west during the 1890's.

US Marshall Jay Adams was home with his wife when there was a knock on his front door. It was his son and two other US Marshalls. They came to get him - he was being called back to field duty to help track down what some were calling a mad scientist.

People had been killed, buildings destroyed, and government secrets were missing. The government wanted US Marshall Jay Adams. In his forty years of being a US Marshall, he was a legend; he always got the man he went after.

Jay accepted, and with his son, US Marshall Thomas Adams and his team they boarded their specially made airship and went after one of the wealthiest men in the world - now considered the most dangerous man.

In their airship powered by steam and an electric motor, they travel across the country just one step behind Doctor Sky.

This story is a mix of fun Science Fiction and Sherlock Holmes… Be ready for a bumpy ride.


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