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Invasion Book 6


Shaméd convinced Rae to return to his home world and become king. Now that the process of him becoming the new king has started, Rae begins rebuilding his world.

Rae has recovered the children that were taken. He has met with other the rulers and they have agreed to follow him. All except King Devlin, who is still trying to find a way to assassinate him.

As Rae is returning home, Ann contacts him that they have been attacked. Not by land or sea, but from space. Ships have broken through their outer defenses and landed on one of the planets where the AI Terry lives. The good thing is the Thorns’ ship is near and they are on the way to help her.

As things progress, two ships from the invaders make it through the planet’s defenses. One attacks the city where Ann is, the other is badly damaged and crashes on the other side of the world.

With the Mirror Gate down there is no hope for help from off world. The only help he has is the Thorn ship that is bringing his bride to be to his world. He is not sure how much help they will be, Thorns are pacifist.

Rae is now tasked with finding them and fighting a new enemy, not from his world, but from an unknown world.


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